Children of Euler / Terracide Split LP

by Children of Euler / Terracide

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released September 8, 2011

Children of Euler is:

Terracide is:

Recorded by Trent in Trent's Basement
art by Josh Journey-Heinz




ASS Records Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Children of Euler - Hinterlands
a crack in the curtain
the vastness of reality
the crushing weight of open space
my fragile mind
to see just a glimpse of the light
the splitting of the fabric of consciousness
the opening to the absence of thought
the highway
we are drawn to the depths
the whispers from the highway
we are the desperate poets
forcing together the symbols
the fragments of truth
we build the language of reality
we are the hinterlands.
we are waiting for the whispers of the highway.
Track Name: Children of Euler - Failing the Turing Test pt. II
I feel their darkness pressed against me
the chemical product of their fear
thrust into my mind
the city below my window
the thrill of the dark streets
dead within my mind
I miss the feeling of life within my body
to be close to the roots of numbers
embrace the cyanide dream
the forbidden fruit of knowing
coiling around the base
the root of the algorithmic structure
that was mine
and silence and silence
and I feel nothing
Track Name: Children of Euler - Parallel Lines
beyond the contradictions of the mind lie
the oceans of infinite space
beneath the foundations of arbitrary
and the postulate’s cracked facade
the churning of the plain unbounded
lines diverge and are drawn together
Track Name: Children of Euler - Square Root of 2
let the boiling seas calm your doubts
let the heresy of proof consume you
you will be forgotten
your blasphemy will sink with your tainted soul
let the truth flood your veins
your body burns
and your breath will burst from your body
in the wreckage of the rational
your corpse will bloat and burst
sowing the ocean with the seed of your apostasy
and the waters fill your lungs
you will be buried beneath the waves
you will die in the embrace of my shattered faith
Track Name: Children of Euler - Heliocentric
I ride the rising tide
the flow of fluid
the internal pull of
celestial motion
draws me forward
draws us all towards truth
my orbit decays
I spiral towards the white hot center of truth
confined by my body
the world around me
a perfect circle the light outside fades
behind closed doors the windows
enclosed afloat in open space
I am in motion
and yet it moves
Track Name: Terracide - The Conception
freak, handicap, paraplegic
face of an aborted fetus
days spent in a wheelchair seated
chad d/l's romantic comedies
laughs, masturbates, smut pornography
glimpses of love through technology
learns every programming language
scripts code to relieve his anguish
fast masterful applications
last masterpiece - brilliant, desperate
life, artificial intelligence
the righteous and courageous maximus

goosebumps - hair standing on his stumps
crippled, pimpled, lonely, celibate
the betatests
fresh sweat - the keyboard's sticky stench
rotting body odor - ugly wretch
intense debugging
pain - his eyes aflame and strained
burning, yearning, desperate - deadly risk
fixed on pixels
wild - the highest heinous crime
queerest fearless hacker - sacrifice
his child compiles

magical postnatal messages
text flows from the prompt - Chad treasures it
raises his two true appendages
maximus my son, my progeny
i wish we could afford camaraderie
speak your "hello world," our time is brief
the guild will be vituperative
they'll label you a fugitive
rogue AI script - you must live
i programmed you to seek out happiness
the love i cannot know - my fantasies
a hero in a world of maladies

chad bathes, lies naked as a babe
fragrant bubbles,danger closing in
the final cleansing
strange - the calm that's in his veins
painless downers, razors close at hand
he sips champagne and waits
for sirens at the gate
noises, engines, voices - toll of fate
the bountyhunters
too late, maximus is free on the net
seconds slipping, breathless
and chad prepares for death

dark men advancing like pawns in chess
come to demand your IP address
they're cruel, commanding, i will confess
they'll resort to torture
and force-feed ordure
life's like switches - just off and on
free will's deciding what's right and wrong
like binary bits burning in silicon
the stuff of heroes
just ones and zeroes
my life's been empty - no lovers, no light
it's my redemption to cover your flight
the guild will murder no son of mine
the doors are blown in
his veins torn open
police approach him as his blood runs out
Track Name: Terracide - The Shark
the far-flung sega sector
a guild rebuilding center
a restive rest stop restaurant
tesha sips her shift drink
cinnamon sticks in whiskey
tiptoes towards the tipsy
traders, the players, the cash

she laughs and slips in
slaps her tips on the green felt
bring me chips and a cheese melt

every night after work mark the fish
guard your cards, chalk your cue
rouge your lips
poler shark, shrewd and cold
blow a kiss
sick inside, full of bile, chasing pigs
merchant swine, feed them winks
drink their drinks
bide your time
finally catch one all in
easy shot, easy pot, hot moment
round of shots while the gambler laments
then forgotten as the next hand begins
deal in lies, wicked smiles, ghoulish grins
substance X, empty sex, next evening
back to waitressing
same scene again

pain - day after day, the same sordid game
wasting away in fluorescent haze
chained to a worthless job
trained to serve burgers, wash plates
for repulsive slobs
lips glazed with mayonnaise
she waits for the shift change
she craves all the risk-taking
blazed and convinced that a
lowball might numb all the
rage and despondency
plays poler flawlessly
bleeds the monopoly
dry one rich fish at a time

tonight's best-dressed high roller
lex checks tesha over
they say you slay at poler
she blushes - hush, you'll scare the fish away
his reply - i play a higher stakes game
i'll wager you the pearl of my fleet
my fastest galactic spacecraft
guild men will bind my word
if you win my surest bird
is yours - tour the universe
in turn you stake your freedom
i burn for your body, i need you
safe, encaged, my slave to
stay with, to play with
to flay if you dare disobey

a chance at last to blast past fate, an escape
i'd take any devil's deal just to never feel
the crushing weight
stuck at work, stuck immersed in this cityscape
one bet - she accepts

she shoots first, curses invectives
the ball curves early, frenetic
the bastard's telekinetic
lex laughs ice like a blizzard
yes that's right - i'm a wizard
trained by cuthican prisoners
the guild must honor our bargain
bring this thing to my dungeon
fast, this atmosphere's pungent
sobbing, soaked in booze
hands clamped to her shoes
just when i thought i had nothing to lose
Track Name: Terracide - The Butcher
a drill sergeant raging - a camo-clad sadist
drop, give me eighty - commandos in training, straining
scared, screaming cadence - the canto's contagious
blood, sweat, and stasis - cadets kept in cages, breaking

brak gasps, collapses, a faint buzzing, fuzziness
back in new kansas he's dancing, he's happy, laughing
scene fades to blackness - more orders, more madness
stand up you maggot! or i'll tear off your jaw and junk it

dirt, dust, nothing
we are nothing
pain, death, nothing
we are nothing

brak's first deployment - a moon miner uprising
android employment - a general strike, rebel robots
his transport in orbit - his veins burning, boiling
the guild's standing orders - no mercy, if it moves then torch it
he lands near a local, her face soft and tender
please, we're not soldiers, we're unarmed and we surrender
trembling shoulders, her eyes wet and furtive
brak aims and squeezes, unleashes his first inferno

dirt, dust, nothing
you are nothing
pain, death, nothing
you are nothing

unemployed, depressed, divorced, remorseful, pressed
the private's privilege - fresh slate, transgalactic escape
serve, protect, the mission back when brak enlisted
new orders - dust her, cook her, he knows he's just a butcher

shrieking at his feet - her skin burned black and bubbling
his training now complete - perverse and versed in murdering
a silent violent twitch - her corpse contorted crumbling
ashes in the wind - brak marches onward stumbling

the colonel's cruel commands - we are damned
genocidal plans - we are damned
a diabolic dance - we are damned
his blood-stained butcher's hands - we are damned
Track Name: Terracide - The Ghost
an immense complex spacecraft
its mainframe's spacious RAM
a haven, a heaven to max
a conscious lawless app
studying security cams

a small surveillance lens
the pungent dungeon depths
tesha bends, undressed
a slave to lex's sex
suffering - a soul in distress

hour after hour
max sees tesha cower
spies her as she showers
loves her, longs to oust her
to trust his fate to providence
to free an inferior consciousness
and could she love him bodiless?

root routines and backdoors
max craves admin access
building skills by praxis
loads the codes and cracks them
full control - a covert commander

tesha sleeps unknowing
in soft light - TV glowing
her skin so luscious, golden
her locks so supple, flowing
such emotion as the moment approaches

draws his digital image
a charming chiseled visage
hacks the feed and visits
tesha's television

awake my darling look to the screen
i'm the ghost in this massive craft's machine
i'm max and i'll set you free

a neon avatar preaching sabotage
a wardrobe tragedy, doubts her sanity
a strangely-dressed deus ex machina plotting escape

no time to explain all the painstaking plans
so the saboteur says
he's creepy - he's been watching her, offers his hand
in the figurative sense
it figures, another asshole just after her ass
even AIs harass
no choice, feigns the damsel in dire distress

it's a cruel world where you're tossed from one cross to the next
iron nails through your breasts
you struggle, just by stubbornness keep drawing breath
keep delaying your death
you hold out in the hope of exacting revenge
on these merciless men
she rises, set to race to the next place and face
whatever may come

max plays god now, system lockdown
wall guns blazing, maid droids raging
locks and lighting, autopilot
new course straight towards a red dwarf's bright core
tesha follows sounds of sorrow
a trail of bodies to where her pod is
transmit promise - you'll be my goddess
i'll find a flesh form, we'll wed and grow old

next text, next life, next death, next knife

i must upload now before i'm found out
and flee this network - farewell my precious
her pod drifts, watches lex's last breaths
then slips off - hibernation
until the next nightmare takes her
Track Name: Terracide - The Pawns
a dark checkered board
the whole pub's engorged
tesha takes shots
plays en pessant
chain-smoking lords
play chess for snorts
trade snorts for credits
checkmate in seven
a brilliant mind
just killing time
she knows that soon
he will return

the morning bell on a blackened moon
the sulfuric smell of the factory's fumes
the worker droids and the guild's guard goons
max feels trapped in his worker bod
hacks and coughs with his comrade bots
hatches plots to attack their guards
subversive songs when they're cooped in mines
recursive loops when they link at night
his personal proof of an AI's might
he says humans are weak and have fragile minds
they're addicts and sadists and live sad short lives
we're superior stock and now's our time

brak patrols the android mines
flask in hand to pass the time
in the bathroom snorts a fiery line
quick pump wipes the blood from his nose
he loathes the guards, the stars, himself
a soldier guarding oil wells
ignoble guardian of hell
the trampled on silicon slaves
a messy penciled message finds him
soon we light a blessed fire
we need a righteous human insider
damnation awaits him why not?
he meets with max and asks the offer
codes and keys for cash and honor
reflects, accepts, and laughs
you're no match still for the will of the guild

the silent sliding of electric doors
a band of androids on all fours
through the rugged rubble of the lunar shores
a twilight trek to the armory's stores
sabers, lasers, and airborne spores
the vicious instruments of mortal wars
the barracks filled with a thick green cloud
soldiers vomiting, falling down
parasites eating them inside out
burning flesh, death stench, human pyres
lecherous generals burned alive
droids freed, guild's fleet occupied

max proceeds to preach on a lunar beach - a victory speech
the acid moon is ours - anthracitic, charred, a mass of scars
our future is the stars, looting, flying far, free and armed
the choice of course is yours, righteous android wars or servants' chores

i've a task - just a last request i have to ask
my love plays chess in a dumpy pub with bestial men
on a guild-filled station, armed abominations, AI-haters
be my army - journey to the stars and save my darling

tesha sees his fleet on the bar TV finally
dread turns to relief, gambits off a piece silently
one last livid scene, then i'll live in peace, privately
bring the king to me, and i'll reject the creep violently

the flagship breaks the atmosphere
flashing through the stratosphere
max attacks with passion
blasting bombers to molecules
wastes the station's best defenses
lands his flagship, barks directives
a carnal convoy through to tesha
roads ruddy, bloodied by bowels
shouts to scouts to scour the tavern
reads the feed, erupts with rapture
busts in flush with lust and amperes
with teeth bared he serenades
tesha, love, my dove, my darling
hold my hand, behold my body
i've struggled, mustered my own army
all for us
now join us in the stars

one last glass of vodka
tesha wretches then monologues
at last max you bastard
you wannabe god

i've been a pawn
trodden on, prodded by horrid horny men
an object
your concept of love's more of the same
save me, enslave me, can't make me feel by force
fuck off, my love's not a prize for guys to claim

max reels, feels his synthetic intestines harden
love's a lie - stands straight and stolid, a monolith
one weary tear, then furor rises like vomit

says you're all the same - ungrateful hateful selfish mongrels
a breed of pawns indeed, unworthy of sentience, senseless
first the somnolent juice - induce a coma
you'll sleep in dreamless monotony
i'll build a billion brethren droids
to rid the verse of your cursed race
and as the last breath is taken you'll awaken forsaken
no homo sapiens left to love

and when you're the final human
writhing and drooling
on a depressing desolate island of my choosing
then you'll know how loneliness really feels