Heat Death

by Children of Euler

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The final album from Children of Euler!


released October 27, 2012

Children of Euler was: Jim, Dave, Rocky and Eric.
Recorded by Trent in Trent's basement.
Mastered by Greg at Rare Form.
Art by Jonia Whitney




ASS Records Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Empire
Distrusting even the empirical, I carve from the most primitive stone
below the contamination of the mind and intent, blocks in which no flaw can be found

I am drawn beyond sight, I go beyond thought beyond the subjective experience of consciousness, the flaws and fragility of perception

This structure will be its undoing. Impenetrable to even the twisting worm of containment. Complete, separate from the physical world.

In this we will be safe. We will make here our final stand. In defense of reason, in defense of empire.

I curse unto the discrete. The broken foundation of physical space.
A curse unto uncertainty. To the probabilistic disorder extant at the root of reality. The lost battle of human understanding.

Fall upon our swords in the service of a broken throne.

My voice, everything that I am.
Random fluctuation of energy. A fools game.
Track Name: Watchmaker
Within every fiber of our being
we are pure destruction

The building blocks of life and substance
thermodynamic violence

electrical charge
chemical pulse
swirling clouds of energy
we are drawn toward extinction

expanding combining reacting dividing adapting selecting learning striving building become death
Track Name: Heat Death
We hurl ourselves
without relent against the unbreaking wall of electric static decay

sound breaks off
fades to nothing, absolute, all motion ceases

what perseveres
in the face of total silence
heat death
the absence of all physical presence

the faltering broken ranks of lost
empty vessels
in lock step to heat death

what perseveres in the face of total silence
Track Name: End of All Division
I am the frozen darkness
I am the end of light
I am beyond space and awareness

the dark flow of energy
expansions of space and perception

without malice
without thought
the triarchic dance that is the illusion of structure

and things fall apart
we are pulled without consent
in the direction of entropy

Until the world around us
expands toward a glorious singularity
infinite density, and the ending of all division

existence born of a single point of light
drawn forward, beyond the ego of extinction
we embrace the totality of matter.

space and darkness
what lies beyond
finite perception
crushed to a single point.
Track Name: Permanance
Endless variation
uncountable fluctuations
in even the smallest division of the reals

Paralyzing Depth

The natural form, the elegant grace of motion
betrayed by an artifact
of a system that allows us to perceive

beyond the physical
an infinite sea of crashing, violent actualization
every facet of the line
the completion of infinite iterations

within a reality deeper than experience
to transcend the end of space
in depths beyond the cold of entropy

We who have heard the whisper
who have seen the flash of light
and held in our minds
the cacophonous contradiction of infinity

Will. Beyond the expanding waves of cold
consuming the frontiers of human potential
the stars burn out. The world freezes.
Human thought ceases.
Track Name: Solar Winds
Leaving the comfort of faith
abandon vestigial broken limb
spreading across space
what we served we become

The life giving warmth
that fed us
the echos in darkness in circuitry
life after life spent striving toward the sun

I will ride the solar winds
connections within me
on fire.
Track Name: Quantum Entanglement
Unyielding voice
join the rans of the infinite
turning space
undone stars

shadows dancing across the metric space
closures, reaching beyond
the string of fate and measure
contractions expansions of space.

Time pressing into gateway
an infinite dance
soundless space in silence
echoing across cosmic measure.
Dark harmonies.
Quantum trembling of countable fragile spheres
expanding in a symphonic aggregate
at the feet of matter
ringing through space.

Beyond existence
the weight
the pressure.

A glorious exultation of mass.